A solo exhibition of works by the young Chinese
artist Shen Jingdong, who started a "Hero Series"
in 1997 as part of the army cultural work group,
shows the interplay of art and the public. From oil
paintings to sculptures and from painted
representations of these sculptures
to photographs showing the encounter of visitors
with his artworks, Shen Jingdong is constantly
questioning the world, casting a backward glance
while heading forward. From his realization
that the army was "repellent" to his sense
of "general human doubt," which led to his
abandoning all technical methods and creating
sculptures, untrained, like a child playing
in the mud—another way of doubting himself—
he is constantly seeking new expressions
for his ideas, while maturing as an artist.
Professing a "deep love for art," Shen Jingdong
questions art, just as he shows that while
we admire heroes, we should question them, too.

Imagine Gallery
10 Years Make The Hero
April 8 through June 6, 2007
8 Feijiacun Yishu Gongzuoshi
Feijiacun, Laiguangyingdonglu
Chaoyang District, Beijing 100103, China
T. 64385747 / 13910917965