2010 Angkor Photo Festival
Siem Reap, Cambodia
November 20 to 27 2010
+855 9 77 25 12 00

Created in 2oo5, the Angkor Photo Festival is the first photography festival to be held in Southeast Asia. Now in its sixth edition, the weeklong event organizes exhibitions and outdoor slideshows by celebrated international and emerging Asian photographers in Siem Reap. The temples of Angkor become a hub for photographers to gather in a spirit of creativity and sharing.

The strong educational goals of the Angkor Photo Festival set it apart from other photography events. During their stay, renowned photographers tutor emerging Asian photographers in the free Angkor Photo Workshops, while the festival operates its own outreach program, the Anjali Children’s Photo Workshops.

Consistent with the festival’s mission of highlighting emerging Southeast Asian photographers, of the 110 photographers exhibiting in 2010, fifty are from Asia. The work is curated by two well-known figures in photography, Yumi Goto and Antoine d’Agata, as well as by Françoise Callier, the Program Director of the Angkor Photo Festival.