The impressive bounty of treasures from the
National Museum in Kabul offers insight into
2,000 years' worth of Afghan history. The spectacular
trove of findings unearthed from the
archaeological sites of Fulo, Aï-Khanoum, Tillia-
Tepe and Begram, date from around 2,000
years B.C., up to the beginning of the 2nd century
A.D. The highlight is the Bactrian hoard
from around the time of the birth of Christ.
Regarded as one of the most spectacular
archeological finds of the 20th century, the collection
was unearthed in 1978, but disappeared
during civil war just over a decade later.
Although 70 per cent of the museum's 100,000
artifacts were stolen or destroyed, museum
staff secreted prized pieces until 2004. This is
the first showing of many of these incredible
pieces, but hopefully not the last.

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