Brussels, Pierre Bergé & Associés

A cult favorite among savvy collectors, Hervé Van der Straeten’s work is unmistakable. Though Van der Straeten studied painting, and firstly gained recognition for his highly sculptural jewelry, today his stunning consoles, mirrors, cabinets and lighting fixtures bear the same artisanal and highly sophisticated style elements.

Fifteen new pieces have been created for his work’s showing in this 200 square meter gallery space in Brussels, associated with Pierre Bergé’s larger auction house, where they will be on sale exclusively.

The title of the exhibition references Hervé Van der Straeten’s perfectionist approach and his dynamic contrasts of industrial and raw materials such as wood, bronze, stainless steel, crystal, marble and lacquer among others.

April 24 through June 18th, 2010
Place du Grand Sablon, 40
1000 Brussels, Belgium
T. +32 (0)2 504 80 30