Scottish photographer Albert Watson ranks as one
of the world's most influential photographers ever.
Even if you don't know the name, it is highly
implausible that you've never spotted one of the
hundreds of covers, portraits, or even one of the
many glossy commercials that the visual maestro
has created over the past four decades.
Watson's illustrious career began in Los Angeles in
1970 with his debut photo session for the
American cosmetics brand Max Factor. His
distinctive style soon caught the attention of
fashion magazines such as GQ, Mademoiselle and
Harper's Bazaar on both sides of the Atlantic, and
the rest, as they say, is history.
Now a New York resident, the photographer has
made his West Village studio a vast visual archive
of images, from Vogue covers and global ad
campaigns to published books, testament to an
incredible career. Paris's Acte2galerie presents a
selection that leaves you longing to delve deeper
into the vibrant visual world of Albert Watson.