Alsace, Grande Finale, a.r.t. fabric

The brusque, industrial backdrop of Grande Finale’s a.r.t. fabric, a former textile factory in Alsace, emphasizes the strength and elegance of Alberto Bali’s urban “Construcciones”, a series which was first shown in 2005 in Bali’s native Argentina.

A tumble of geometric forms cross, interwoven and stacked balance between dream and reality, the ephemeral and timeless. This mineral metropolis, devoid of human life forms has a surreal feel. Canvases are mounted on freestanding dividers throughout the space, adding to the visual impact and feeling of enormity of each subject, while sculptural monoliths stand like great boulders.

The Paris-based Argentine artist began painting in the early 1970s. Today his work extends beyond the gallery encompassing a variety of media, from industrial and graphic design to interiors.

June 7 through August 9, 2009
63, Grand rue - 68240 Freland.
T. +33 (0)6 17 93 50 10