Alberto Giacometti
Geneva, Musée Rath

This retrospective brings the major works of Giacometti to his native Switzerland, and to Geneva for the first time. Born near the Italian border, and the son of an Impressionist painter, it was during Giacometti’s early studies in Paris that the city seduced him and he made Paris his adopted creative home. He traveled, however, to Geneva between 1942-45 where many Parisian intellectuals took refuge during the war. It was here he met his wife but this was also a very artistically challenging period for him.

Produced in collaboration with the Fondation Alberto Giacometti of Zurich, the exhibition presents the evolution of his work through sculpture, for which he is renowned, as well as painting, drawing and documentation; his lesser known draft work and prints are a true treasure. While working at the heart of the Surrealist movement, Giacometti stood apart with his own unique voice and vision, timelessly elegant and powerful, giving him a significant role in the history of sculpture and in 20th century art.

November 5th, 2009 through February 21th, 2010
Place Neuve
CH-1204 Switzerland
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