On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, the
Guggenheim Bilbao is showing some 165 prints
by the German master Albrecht Dürer. Culled from
the remarkable collection at the Städel Museum in
Frankfurt, the show includes engravings, woodcuts
and etchings. These minutely executed works
show the technical skill of Dürer, who was drawn
to the medium early in his career, as it freed him
from the constraints of painting – not insofar as its
technical aspects were concerned, but because
paintings were often the fruits of a commission
and destined for a specific site or owner. In the
miniature world of engravings, Dürer was able to
work freely and creatively, so it is a happy paradox
that he would come to earn the largest part of his
income from those tiny, perfect productions. His
influence on other artists throughout Europe was
nearly immediate, and of course lasting, right
through to the modern age.

June 26 through September 9, 2007
Avenida Abandoibarra, 2
48001 Bilbao, Spain
T. +34 94 435 90 80