Kunsthalle Basel

These separate but simultaneous exhibitions, featuring the works of young artists Egan and Ögüt, are dynamic examples of contemporary art; they lend a poetic voice and critical eye to the details of a everyday life though diverse media, from cement to video.

"We Sat Down Where We Had Sat Before" is a reference to a line from the novel "The Sea, the Sea" (1978) by the Anglo-Irish writer Iris Murdoch. This explains much of Aleana Egan's conceptual approach as an Irish artist who uses literary source materials to guide her subjective, intuitive work. Her presentation at Kunsthalle Basel is her first major solo show in an institutional context.

"Mutual Issues, Inventive Acts" is based on Ahmet Ögüt's astute observations of daily life on Istanbul's streets. A series of projects, some involving large-format photographs and others installations, explores the conditions in which people live in their respective social and economic communities. "Perfect Lovers" is his most political commentary, showing a Turkish lira next to a one-euro coin.

April 20 through June 8, 2008
Kunsthalle Basel
Steinenberg 7
4051 Basel
T. +41 61 206 99 00