Galerie Jean-Jacques Dutko, Paris
March 23 – May 31, 2012
4, rue de Bretonvilliers Paris 75004
+33 1 43 26 96 13

Born in Athens in 1961, Alexandra Athanassiades graduated from the “Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art”, Oxford University and for over 20 years has been working on her signature horse sculptures. Beginning by selecting tree branches at her Athens studio, Athanassiades manipulates the wood using nails and metal to create organic forms that are as elegant as they are powerful. As well as horses, Athanassiades also sculpts human forms, both of which have been exhibited at the Onassis Foundation in New York and the Benaki Musuem in Greece.

Of her work, the celebrated Colombian artist Fernando Botero has written:

“An artist should have roots in order for his work to be powerful and have honesty and validity. Alexandra Athanassiades’ work reflects deep understanding of ancient Greek sculpture and the principles that need to be followed in order to best serve the art of sculpture. In ancient Greece, intellectualism was expressed mostly through myths, art and religion. And it was in Greece that Athanassiades had the privilege to be born and work, with the presence of the Cycladic idols, the Kouros of Volomandra, the images of the charioteers of Pelops and Enomanos, thus enriching her imagery from the wisdom and tradition of her ancestors.

Her work, often monumental in size and always in spirit, has an overwhelming serenity and the echo of a distant and detached classicism. She persistently strives to achieve the perfect image, seeking to capture forms approaching the ideal.

I like looking at Alexandra Athanassiades’ work because I enjoy witnessing the transformation of reality into art and through that, to something unique and different. This transformation becomes nourishment for the soul.”