Galerie Antonine Catzéflis, Paris
17 Novembre - 31 Décembre 2010
23 Rue St-Roch, 75001 Paris
+33 1 42 86 02 58

Alexandre Mussard is a French artist who has studied architecture and design at Académie Charpentier, Esad Reims, and Ecole Camondo. A seventh generation descendent of the founder of the luxury goods house Hermes, Mussard has all the creativity, whimsicality and sophistication associated with the Parisian goods house. And at just 25-years-old, his first exhibition opened in November at Paris’s Galerie Antonine Catzéflis.

Entitled “Les Petites Chaises”, Mussard’s show is dedicated to the chair in the form of miniature sculptures of his signature wire chair in various positions: suspended by balloons, in the middle of a circus tent, stacked on top of each other and – as the artist wore to the opening of the exhibition – dangling from a necklace. Alongside the small artworks are several larger chair sculptures. Both sizes give a nod to some of Mussard’s favourite artists, such as Alexander Calder (the mobile of mini chairs), Yves Klein (the chair nestled in cobalt blue powder) and Les Lalanne (the bronze chair that appears as wild as nature).

As intelligent as the artistic references are, this is a show about lightness, fragility, humour and, most importantly, the poetic. Alexandre Mussard is a talent to watch.