This joint exhibition at the stunning Schaulager, designed by Swiss duo Herzog & de Meuron, juxtaposes the work of two of today's most original young female artists.

Andrea Zittel has been pursuing her "A-Z designs for living" – an enterprise in the California desert encompassing all aspects of daily life, from home furniture to clothing and food – since 1999. Diverse aspects of her art-as-living project are on display in her multi-part installation on the upper floor. It presents around 100 furniture-like and spatial objects, such as management and maintenance units, alongside 120 gouaches, drawings and paintings on wood. Her humorously titled series of gouaches, "Something for Nothing with Very Little Effort Involved," depicts mundane moments of pointless activity in a documentary way.

Down on the lower level are nine sculptures by the Polish artist Monika Sosnowska, whose installation at the Polish pavilion was one of the highlights of last year's Venice Biennale. Her works recall skeletal parts of unfinished or dilapidated buildings and create a dialogue with the architectural framework of the museum. While some of her pieces in this show are new and site-specific, others existed already but have been set up differently.

What unites these two artists is how they respond to and deal with particular surroundings, forms of architecture, lifestyles and living spaces.

April 26 through September 21, 2008
19 Ruchfeldstrasse
4142 Münchenstein/Basel
T. +41 61 335 32 32