MAK, Vienna

Anish Kapoor’s new spatial works, created specifically for this exhibition, are room-filling installations using wax, as well as spatial and temporal engineering. “Shooting into the Center” is the central work in which Kapoor and a team of engineers designed a canon that shoots balls of wax into a corner pile across the room. The launching of the balls is loud, the growth of the pile on the other side of the room is silent – this is the sort of juxtaposition Kapoor maintains throughout the exhibition and reflects a larger trend in his works of engaging his viewers.

Three other installations using wax and geometrical shapes such as a sphere, semicircle or square include works entitled, “Past, Present, Future” (2006), “Push-Pull II” (2008/09), and “Shadow Corner” (2008/09). The tensions between space and time, emptiness and transformation and just some of the subintelligent experience that Kappor’s work evokes.

January 21 through April 19, 2009
MAK Exhibition Hall
Weiskirchnerstraße 3
A-1010 Vienna
T. +43 711 36 248