Since its debut in 1999, Archilab, held in the French city of Orléans, has become a major resource for both international and local architects.

The theme of this year's biennial is nesting; a metaphor applied to the creation of new homes within the already overcrowded cities of Japan. This is the first time that the event will focus on a specific country as 31 of Japan's leading teams of architects find solutions to the problem that developers and architects face today around the world.

The 1990's brought booming economies, known as the "economic bubble", which, in turn, brought mass migration to many of the world's great megatropolises. This also brought a new approach to developing Japan's city environments as architects began to focus on a more seamless dialogue between urban space and constructions, engendering a new breed of constructors, known as the "Bow-Wow Generation". Atelier Bow Wow ("Made in Tokyo") - early pioneers of the new approach and awareness to spatial restrictions - along with more recent practices such as Associates for Life + Shelter, present housing on a human sized scale that aims not to change Japan's urban landscape, but to harmoniously work with it.