Strasbourg, Musées de la Ville de Strasbourg

Hans Jean Arp was born in Strasbourg in 1886 and Strasbourg's art museum is on a square named after him. So, fittingly, a large-scale retrospective is being held in his honor to celebrate the museum's tenth anniversary. It is the first show on the artist in France in over 20 years.

Arp was one of the major Modern artists of the twentieth century. The expression "Art is Arp" was coined by his contemporary Marcel Duchamp to express how art does not adhere to any particular definition, style or technique. With nearly 180 works on display, ranging from drawings, collages, reliefs, sculptures and poetry, Arp's wide-reaching talent is firmly on display. We get to see how he broke with tradition by employing various materials, and how he would improvise in his compositions and achieve great results by experimenting and chance. His creativity also stretched beyond visual works to writing poetry.

October 17, 2008, through February 15, 2009
Musée de la Ville de Strasbourg
1, Place Hans Jean Arp
67076 Strasbourg Cedex
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