A ground-breaking exhibit in its curatorial analysis, Art Machines Machine Art, invites international artists to explore the machine as an autonomous apparatus of creativity. Many serious and ironic questions arise concerning artistic creation and industrial production. If an artist creates a machine that can continue to create or interect unpredictably without the artist what, then, is the function of the artist, the artistic process, and the one-of-a-kind piece of art?

Using Jean Tinguely's Méta-matics, first exhibited in Paris in 1959, as a first approach to this idea, Damien Hirst and Olafur Eliasson among others continue the transformation of art spaces into production spaces.

As the boundaries between the individual and technology are rapidly shifting because of the World Wide Web - the ultimate creative machine - artists who toy with systems thinking and creative intuition spark an essential train of dialogue ripe for future artistic exploration.

18 OCTOBER 2007 – 27 JANUARY 2008

D-60311 Frankfurt
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