A tapestry by the Ghanian artist El Anatsui draped over
the façade of the Venetian palazzo announces this
exhibition's tone. El Anatsui's installation, 'Fresh and
Fading Memories', composed of recycled metal and
copper wire and tins, is punctured with holes, hinting at
the passing of time, and its relationship to art.
Indeed, 'Artempo' explores how the fabric of the history
of art is woven over centuries. Through 300 objects by
over 80 artists, ranging from archaeological artifacts to
contemporary works, it juxtaposes art from different
cultures made during different eras. It reflects how the
trends and movements in art are
in a constant state of flux.
An ancient torso of a Thai Buddha is shown alongside
sculpture by Antonio Corradini, Alberto Giacometti and
Pablo Picasso, a readymade by Marcel Duchamp, and
paintings by Giorgio De Chirico, Francis Bacon and
Andy Warhol. The exhibition also includes specially
commissioned installations by, among others, Loris
Cecchini, Anish Kapoor, Shiro Tsujimura and James Turrell.
The works derive from the private collection of Axel
Vervoordt, the Musei Civici Veneziani, other public and
private collections, and directly from the artists themselves.

June 9 through October 7, 2007
San Marco 3780,
30124 Venice
Tel.+39 041 5200995