At The Russian Court,
Palace and Protocol in the 19th Century
Amsterdam, Hermitage Amsterdam

With more than 1,800 objects on loan from the State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg, the Amstelhof’s inaugural exhibition following its restoration promises to be one of Europe’s largest and most lavish presentations of art and objects from the Russian court during the 19th century.

Divided between two wings, with their decoration inspired by two of the most famous rooms in the Winter Palace, one section is devoted to the rich protocol of the Russian court during a period famed for its public demonstrations of opulence and power, while the second half further exemplifies the extravagance of the ruling tsars - from Paul I (son of Catherine the Great) to Nicholas II, Russia’s final tsar - through displays recounting the grandiose dinners, parties and balls held within the court.

Key pieces of the exhibition include court paintings by Franz Xaver Winterhalter and Ilya Repin, the Romanov throne, as well as spectacular jewelry and costumes that demonstrate Russia’s rich heritage.

June 20, 2009 through January 31, 2010
Amstel 51
1018 EJ, Amsterdam
T. +31 (0)20 530 8751