Pinacothèque, Paris

The subtitle of the exhibition "Unconcerned But Not Indifferent" is also the epitaph of Man Ray and his wife Juliet's tombstone in the Montparnasse Cemetery; his playful, joker's approach to art is at the core of his highly innovative and visionary works.

The diverse facets of Man Ray's creative process are represented in over 200 works ranging from an exceptional selection of drawings to photographs, paintings, sculptures, preparatory sketches, objects and personal effects. Mainly borrowed from the Man Ray Trust in New York, some pieces on display are here presented to the public for the first time since the artist's death, uniting different eras of Man Ray's career, including work from his youth.

An American artist who spent most of his career in Paris, Man Ray was a pioneer of modern art, Dadaism and Surrealism. He enlarged the technical and artistic possibilities of a generation of artists, for example, with his photograms; his influence and importance become ever more evident in retrospect.

March 5 through June 1, 2008
28, place de la Madeleine
75008 Paris
T. +33 (0)1 42 68 02 01