Scintillating, glamorous, beautiful, elegant, luxurious, divine and outright exquisite! Amidst many admiring sighs, these are just some of the enthusiastic adjectives one will hear when visiting the most comprehensive exhibition of Tiffany jewelry ever mounted. The Gilbert Collection chronicles the first 150 years of Tiffany with this public display of jewels on loan from private collections, many of which have never been seen before. Rising to international fame through fine craftsmanship and creative design, Tiffany's success was also a direct result of Charles Lewis Tiffany's savvy use of publicity and marketing.

The impressive show explores the wide range of gems, stones, and spectacular diamonds of unusual colors used by Tiffany throughout its evolution. Inspired by culture, entomology, history and a love of nature, the breathtaking and opulent works of wearable art seduced many a lady of wealth and good taste. The impressive talent of the designers and craftsmen is particularly evident when examining the botanically accurate pieces, such as the enameled and diamond orchids by G. Paulding Farnham that were awarded gold medals at the 1889 Paris Exposition.