La Bastide Rose, Le Thor, Provence, France
21 June to 30 october 2011
99, Chemin des Croupières, Le Thor
+33 6 78 43 57 33

In parallel with the seven monumental sculptures installed in the gardens of Versailles, the Poppy and Pierre Salinger Foundation is also hosting Bernar Venet’s works at La Bastide Rose, Provence. With six more oversized sculptures, Bernar Venet is placing his only form of language within the south of France landscape, his native land. While 2011 is sort of a “annus mirabilis” for Venet with exhibitions in Toulouse, Séoul, Koblentz, Basel and of course the spectacular installation in Versailles, the more intimate presentation of the Salinger Foundation offers the visitors a rare chance to compare some of the recurring idiom Bernar Venet has made his: the slanting arches, vertical and tormented arches, and indeterminate lines that are illustrative of an ancient and mysterious calligraphy. The monumental arches within the “tided” gardens of Versailles produce a wonderfully dissimilar effect on the haute Provence stony land. And yet, whatever the physical context is, the works all share a formal clarity and draw from “the land”. Bernar Venet once commented that, “The Durance is flowing in my veins”. He refers to the river that goes through his native land. The beginning of Venet’s journey to international success finds its explanation here, where he returns regularly.