Born in Germany in 1972, Bernard Willhelm
studied in Belgium, where he graduated from the
Antwerp Academy with a degree in fashion design.
In 1999, he began a collaboration with Jutta
Kraus, and together they presented their eccentric
collections in Paris. After seven incredible shows,
the artists decided to donate their entire
collections to the Antwerp Fashion Museum. It's
their rare generosity that made this extraordinary
retrospective possible.
Back in the place from which they started out,
they chose Swiss artists Taiyo Onorato and Nico
Krebs to create the graphic design and staging of
their exhibition. The result is stunning. The German
journalist who once called Wilhelm
"the postmodern successor of the Brothers
Grimm" was right – he is a master of the visual
imagination. His creations genuinely tell stories
and transport you into a surrealistic world.
Each collection is presented in a different decor, to
help the visitor become immersed in the designer's
rich fantasy world. A real trip.

13 July trough 27 January 2008
Nationalestraat 28
2000 Antwerp
T. +32 (0)3 470 27 70