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Theorist, philosopher and one-time politician, Serbian architect Bogdan Bogdanovic has, without doubt, made an indelible impact on Belgrade, courting both controversy and acclaim throughout an illustrious career.

Born in the former state of Yugoslavia, he was not only the leading architect of the city’s monuments, but also a preeminent urbanologist. During a 35-year teaching career at the architecture faculty of Belgrade University, he blazed a trail in the teaching of urbanology, as well as founding the Village School for Architecture Philosophy near Belgrade, where he ran alternative workshops that questioned the esoteric nature of architecture.

Between 1951 and 1958, Bogdanovic completed no less than 19 memorial sites throughout many parts of former Yugoslavia, from the Commemorative Cemetery for the Victims of Fascism in Sremska Mitrovica, to the Partisans Necropolis in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, as a symbol against war and persecution. This is the largest section of the four-part monographic exhibition.

Other parts of the exhibition focus on Bogdanovic as a writer and teacher and two of his houses, exemplifying his perspective on architecture and urban development. Most of the works have been donated by the architect, who continues to inspire and inform.

March 3 through June 2, 2009
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