For a man who admits to collecting 20th-century
artworks "without really knowing what they are,
sometimes if it is actually art or not," Dutch jeweler
and diamond merchant Sylvio Perlstein's diverse
and impressively vast collection proves otherwise.
However, David Rosenberg, curator of the first
ever showing of Perlstein's incredible collection,
best described, in the words of one visitor, as "the
best of everything", begs to differ. "Sylvio Perlstein
is a connoisseur of 20th century art, right up to the
present day. When he says something like this, I
think that what he is trying to say is that what
impassions him are the questions that art poses,
not the ideas that circulate around the subject,"
he explains. Highlights of the collection of over
100 works include Alexandre Calder's Chicago
(1960), Niki de Saint Phalle's Jane (1965) and
Salvador Dali's Femme-Tiroir (1936), as well as an
impressive collection of works from Dadaists
Marcel Duchamp and Max Ernst. The bulk of the
collection however, is an amazing mass of photography
by the greats, from Man Ray to Dora Maar.

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