In a curious twist of representation, this exhibition
gets inside the camera, first focusing on the
instrument itself in its nearly two-hundred-year
evolution. Then it turns the optic around and sets
its sights on the works of photographic art that
have been produced over the decades, from early
first essays in photographic realism to more
contemporary explosions of the camera's duties,
as the camera has been increasingly modified and
adapted to perform as a multifaceted art medium
rather than a simple documentary tool. The history
of this delicate piece of photographic machinery is
rich, varied and fascinating, and these works are a
shutterbug glimpse of its progress. Another
highlight of the Hong Kong Heritage Museum's
approach is that it has also chosen to show
acclaimed local photographers past and present.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Cameras Inside-Out
February 4 through September 3, 2007
1 Man Lam Road
Sha Tin, Hong Kong
T.: +852 2180 8188