Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Paris
May 22 – July 27, 2013
54 Rue de la Verrerie, 75004 Paris
+33 1 42 78 80 92

An unexpected evolution of the Campana Brothers’ signature Sushi series, the Ocean Collection builds on the mash up of materials that resembles Japanese maki rolls developed by the Brazilian design duo back in 2002 when they were investigating methods to make upholstery without relying on traditional techniques. The pieces include a Sushi Buffet and a Sushi Cabinet, a fresh expression of Wall and Pendant Mirrors, and four Vitoria Regia Stool.

“We decided to use mirrors because Humberto began with mirrors that he framed with seashells,” explains Fernando. “So we’re re-visiting our start now using new materials and benefitting from the maturity of our work. For the Carpenters Workshop Gallery exhibition, we wanted to create an art installation where mirrors connect with other realities and become synonyms of other dimensions. In addition to the wall mirrors, we created pendant mirrors because when you put them in a room they twist and turn, absorbing the space and reflecting what is around them.”

Humberto adds: “The inspiration comes from the Sushi series that includes chairs, sofas, buffets and other objects. We decided to frame mirrors with felt, rubber carpet and Eva in different shades of green, blue and white to create a liquid atmosphere - hence the name of the exhibition. The mirrors connect to water, and we added curved lines (not unlike the shape of sushi rolls) to the frames to create different patterns of colors. Our work is handmade and hence very precious. We try to introduce humanization to the process of manufacturing, which is a key aspect of Brazilian design.”