Prague Castle, Prague
July 9 through October 17
Prague Castle, Riding Hall, 119 08 Praha 1

Cartier at Prague Castle - The Power of Style”, is an exhibition of more than 360 items from the Cartier Collection. This is a unique event presenting the largest number of historical Cartier pieces ever assembled, from the Cartier Collection itself along with four items exceptionally on loan from Prince’s Palace of Monaco. The exhibition explores and celebrates the true style of Cartier, a style that is ever-evolving and reflecting the huge changes shaping our era and our world, in line with technical, social and aesthetic developments.

Cartier’s powerful style has always captivated its clients as much through stunning aesthetics as through the pleasure of possessing a Cartier piece. From decorative objects − clocks, sculptures, curios or “objets de vertu” – to pieces of exquisite jewellery, it is a pleasure to be in the privileged company of these pieces and their stories. This pleasure is an enduring one: even if they were made over 50 or 100 years ago, Cartier pieces are still and above all objects of desire.

With over 360 Cartier pieces on display, this major exhibition covers the entirety of Cartier’s creative history. This collection reveals the continuity between Cartier’s different stylistic periods, resulting in a fascinating retrospective of the than 160 years.

The Czech designer Rony Plesl was chosen to design the exhibition staging. Using the impressive dimensions of the space he has designed a forest of steles, or “standing stones”, to majestically present each piece in a superb setting of contemporary sophistication.