Surrounded by the inestimable wealth of gems
and jewels in the Kremlin's envied collection, it takes
a lot for a visiting exhibition to make a significant
or singular splash. Luckily, Cartier, the world's most
famous and successful fine jeweler—and one of the
longest-lived—is the exception to that presumption.
Though Cartier's roots lie in the Paris of 1847,
this eye-opening exhibition of 165 pieces and 20
original designs focuses on the 20th century solely,
an epoch Cartier commenced already at the pinnacle
of Parisian jewelry design. Despite great riches and
famed native craftsmanship, even the royalty
of Russia came to Cartier to have jewelry made
or remounted, because Cartier was at the cutting
edge of what would prove to be a century
of revolution in jewelry design. Elena Garcia, general
director of the Moscow Kremlin Museums, describes
the works shown as "timeless creations allied
to the greatest skill and know-how." As Bernard
Fornas, CEO of Cartier International, notes,
"The rich and colorful aesthetic of Cartier's history
has never ceased to be an inspiration."

Kremlin Museum
Cartier, Innovation Through The 20th Century
May 25 through August 25, 2007
Krasnaya Ploshchad
T. +7 95 202 37 76