The American collectors Egisto Paolo Fabbri
and Charles Alexander Loeser amassed a fine
collection of Cézanne paintings in their Florence
homes at the turn of the 20th century, a time when
the Provençal artist was not yet the recognized
master he is known as today. Since the second
world war, however, these private collections have
been dispersed throughout the world, becoming
part of both public and private collections.
This exhibition at the Palazzo Stozzi has brought
them back together in Florence. Along with major
works by Cézanne, an important handful of his
contemporaries—all of whom Fabbri had personal
contact with—is also on display: Pissarro,
Van Gogh, Matisse, Sargent, Denis, Cassatt, Weir,
and La Farge are shown. Italian artists of the time
are included to offer a pertinent reference point.
As can be seen from these many pieces, Florence
was a cosmopolitan center for the arts, a lodestone for a
generation of creators.

March 2 through July 29, 2007
Piazza Strozzi
T. 055 2645155