Over the last twenty years, the Chinese have combined their traditions with global influences for a cultural rebirth. This exhibition takes a tour along three coastal cites that are exciting grounds for China's new culture of design.

A view toward Shenzhen traces the city's evolution from a cluster of fishing villages to one of the world's largest manufacturing centers, with a young population and a developed printing industry, which have marked it as a "frontier city" in graphic design. A closer look at Shanghai, the "dream city," which is also known as the "Paris of the Orient," reveals its influence in fashion and lifestyle with a strong economic base and a trendsetting consumer society. Lastly, a turn toward Beijing highlights it as a force in architecture, urban planning and cultural infrastructure, particularly as host city to the 2008 Olympic Games.

Offering an approach for the Western mind in its effort to understand the relatively mysterious Chinese culture and recent cultural changes, China Design Now offers a noteworthy general education.

China Design Now
March 15 through July 13, 2008

Victoria & Albert MuseumCromwell RoadLondon SW7
T. +44 (0)20 7306 0055