Le Bon Marché, Paris
February 26 to March 26 2011
24, rue de Sèvres Paris 7ème
+331 44 39 80 00

The Christian Dior exhibition highlights the quintessential Dior identity. An intimate showcase in the brand’s famous Montaigne grey that brings together Dior’s eternal codes and celebrates its unique savoir-faire.

The exhibition opens with a vast Christian Dior lucky star that first tempts you to gaze into its heart and marvel at a procession of the stars that embody the magic of Dior. Then a succession of extra-voluminous symbols: an oval crowned with a delicate Fontanges bow and a Medaillon chair evoke a love for the 18th century, the golden J’Adore perfume bottle becomes a support for the irresistible figure of Charlize Theron, a powder compact decorated with the celebrated wicker motif airs a film about Beauty savoir-faire.

Historic Christian Dior models and enchanting John Galliano creations also light up this wonderful gallery. The legendary Bar du New-Look suit from 1947 whispers to the Diosera from summer 1997, its contemporary reproduction. The houndstooth Cocotte dress from summer 1948 accompanies the treasured Almée from summer 1955. The long-necked Princess Bangalore from winter 1997/98 adjoins the electric Konnichi-Kate fuchsia suit from the Japanese collection of summer 2007. A spectacular orange dress blooms into coral embroidered pleats whereas a fatal beauty breathes life into Velázquez heroines in a sparkling red and gold moire coat.

An installation of videos embedded in a pile of boxes heralds Dior’s timeless modernity. The portraits of Christian Dior by Zhang Huan and John Galliano by Zhang Dali initiate a powerful confrontation between Dior mythology and modern art. And to top it all, a virtual book retraces the legend of this mythical Paris fashion house with comments from its two illustrious protagonists, Christian Dior and John Galliano.