Let's all hear it for concrete! Hot on the heels of its success as number one material at this year's Salon du Meuble, the Conservatoire Nationale des Arts et Metier in Paris pays homage to its understated charisma with the groundbreaking exhibition 'Béton: Etonnez-vous' (Concrete: Be Surprised!).

While present in Egyptian architecture as early as 2000BC, recent technological advances have changed the face of concrete. New attributes such as increased gloss, modularity, and energy efficiency have made it the one of the oldest future-forward substances. In order to fully acquaint the spectator with its stoic past and prized potential, the exhibition's art director Jean-Jacques Bravai has covered the walls, floor and furniture of the show's main salon in colorful, highly competent Ductal® concrete, while the remaining rooms trace it's evolution and impact on such varied fields as architecture, design, science and the visual arts.