Convection: Works from the Permanent Collection of Three Shadows Photography Art Centre
Three Shadows Photography Art Centre

This show of photographic work from the permanent collection of Beijing's Three Shadows Photography Art Centre offers an illuminating gaze at snaps hailing from Europe, Japan and America, with the objective of shedding light on China. Rarely seen or put on show, these images, in their freshness, can offer a new angle to viewers.

Considered more advanced in the photographic arts than China, the other countries and cultures from which these images are drawn influenced China's artistic development of photography; the acquired techniques and themes from Europe, America and Japan can be seen as a springboard for Chinese expression in the medium. This makes the exhibition a perfect foil for delving deeper into Chinese social realities and artistic expression, showing up just what is pertinent and particular to its own art and history, through the lens of key photographers.

November 2, 2007 through February 24, 2008
155 Caochangdi
Chaoyang District
Beijing 100015
T. +86 10 64322663