Institut Superieur d'Architecture de La Cambre

Curated by Marc Mawet within the structure of a prestigious architecture school, the theme of this year's biennale is intended to be enigmatic in order to open new and diverse ways of thinking and viewing architecture through a photographic lens

A biennial only in its second edition, twenty photographers have been invited – six from Belgium and ten from France - to represent the city in all its polyphonic reality. The biennial's enigma rests in all the possible relationships between " Corps " and " Ville ", body and city, in the process of understanding the city's living complexity from its actual structure to the living body of the city, as in the exchanges and activities which characterize its unique energy.

The photographic work of Christophe Caudroy is an exhibition highlight, in which the series called Mont Liban, taken during a 2004 voyage to Lebanon, contrasts the destruction, silence and dignity of a particular city undergoing significant change.

March 14 to May 17, 2008
Place Flagey 19 1050 Brussels T. +31 (0) 2 640.96.96