Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton, Paris
February 1 – May 5, 2013
60 Rue de Bassano, 75008 Paris
+33 1 53 57 52 03

The primary focus of the twentieth exhibition at the Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton is Mail Art, and its aim is to bring together works by creators from different generations with different sensibilities who have all chosen to use the post as an artistic medium.

In this exhibition, several ramifications of Mail Art will be associated. The first is historical, and gives a major place to pioneering artist Ray Johnson whose work has rarely been shown in France. Johnson invented the New York Correspondence School and at the end of the 1950s began his body of work based on letters to which he asked friends to put finishing touches. Through this process, he gave a voice to artists such as Eleanor Antin, Alighiero Boetti, a major part of whose body of work is highly personal and includes never-opened letters to his daughter, and Jan Dibbets with his travel journal. This was also true with regards to the status of creator that was blown apart by the process used by Vittorio Santoro, and the letters and sculptures of Danh Võ.

The art of correspondence is intimately connected to the idea of a network; a network comprised of artists, friends, or anonymous people whose members are brought together by a simple letter or package. For Stephen Antonakos, packages that are received must not be opened under any circumstances, and their contents should be displayed still inside their packaging.

Regardless of the reasons for writing the letters that form this correspondence, and the repercussions they may have had, they invite us to travel through time and space where senders and recipients, works of art and spectator/readers, are united at the heart of a common creative dynamic.