After Boston and Los Angeles, London is the third city to host this fascinating visual diary of the life, love and friendship of one of the greatest and most admired British artists of the 20th century. Featuring over 150 works, including paintings, drawings, prints and photocollages, this wildly acclaimed exhibition is the most comprehensive survey of Hockney's portraiture to date. Covering five decades of the artist's career, the show provides powerful insight into his evolutive style, as well as his intense observations of members of his private circle. Starting with the artist's very early self-portraits and studies of his father during his school years in the 1950s, the show explores his time in New York, Britain and in California. Through his striking, candid images of family, lovers and friends the show tracks his many innovations in the art of portraiture from naturalism and Cubist-inspired photography collages to his recent camera Lucinda drawings.