Contemporary photographer Claudia Mojica
Sorbac is fascinated by wide spaces, places with
sweep, that are great in their history or profound in
their scope. She came across an ideal foil for her
perspectivist photography with the Ile Seguin. This
island floating in the Seine right outside Paris was
once home to the Renault car factory, with a daily
flood of some 30,000 workers coming to punch in
and assemble parts each day. From the 1920s
through the 1940s, its vast industrial hangars were
built. But in 1992, production stopped there; with
the factory relocated, the space remained hollow
and silent. Demolition of the enormous structure
began in 2004. Here, Mojica Sorbac's photos
capture the poignant abandon that lies at the heart
of this act of demolition. Before her stark lens we
see not simply a breaking apart of abandoned
buildings, but a dismantling of a memory of the
workers' struggle.

Demolition: Photographs by Claudia
Mojica Sorbac
April 26 through May 31, 2007
38, rue de Citeaux
75012 Paris
T. +33 (0)1 40 09 17 69