This is the third triennial exhibition to be held
at America's only dedicated design museum,
and it's the first year that the public has had a
hand in choosing the laureate designers and
firms, by means of an interactive website. As
well as big names Apple, Nike, Santiago
Calatrava and even NASA, small-scale innovators
are feted for their achievements over
the past three years.
Covering a huge variety of fields, from product
and fashion design to architecture, animation,
medicine and new technology, the
Triennial "emphasizes the nearly infinite ways
in which design plays a role in how we see,
think about and experience the world around
us," says museum director Paul Warwick
Thompson. Its manifold wonders include the
Robolobster, which locates underwater mines,
and a speaking head of Einstein that answers
questions intelligently, as well as deliberately
low-tech design such as haute couture.

Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum
Design Life Now : National Design Triennial
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New York, NY
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