Biot, Musée national Fernand Léger

Fifty years after the museum first opened and two years after extensive renovations, the Musée
National Fernand Léger presents Disques et sémaphores. Le langage du signal chez Léger et ses
contemporains. Based on a new idea developed by Arnauld Pierre of the Sorbonne in Paris,
the exhibition compares the pictorial signs used by Léger around 1920 and the language of signalling and modern signage. Léger was keenly aware of the changes taking place in his time and was intrigued by the development of means of communication linked to the rapid growth of railways, maritime transport and the transformation of the urban environment in general.

The exhibition explores the influence and assimilation of these factors through numerous works painted around 1920, such as Composition (Le Disque), 1918, Le Grand Remorqueur, 1923, and La Ville, 1919. The visual material that triggered them is evoked in photo essays by Léon Gimpel and members of the Nouvelle Vision movement between the two wars: François Kollar, Man Ray, and Brassaï, among others. In Léger's hands, rather than being mere emblems of the modern world, signals dominate the composition, structuring the entire pictorial surface.

June 20 through October 11, 2010
Chemin du Val de Pome
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