This broad-spanning show at the Spanish national
library delves into artistic creation in Ecuador.
Covering the country's four major periods – pre-
Hispanic, Colonial, 19th century and 20th century
– and displaying native artworks in multiple media,
including ceramics, sculpture, painting
and photography, the history and cultural reality
of Ecuador are brought to light in intense color
and focus. The nearly 200 works are divided into
21 sections, following the ups and downs of this
country's rich cultural tapestry, from its
pre-Columbian times to modernity. What shines
through is an artistic response to the different
issues and problems of each period,
from conquest and invasion to more modern
issues such as multiculturalism, industrialization
and poverty. Along with the exhibition,
the Biblioteca Nacional is hosting a musical
theater piece, holding seminars and organizing
an Ecuadorean film series in cooperation with
the Casa de América. A thoughtful and thoughtprovoking

April 27 through August 26, 2007
Paseo de Recoletos 20-22
28071 Madrid
T. +34 91 580 78 00