Elisabeth Garouste
Avant Scène

Elisabeth Garouste's postmodern approach, mixing the best of 1980s design with the lyrically baroque, expresses whimsy without childishness, luxury without tradition. Her designs, such as chairs, mirrors, lights and candelabras, refuse symmetry and favor fantasy.

Known for years of design collaboration throughout the 1980s with Mattia Bonetti, Garouste has returned to the interior design community with a renewed and independent perspective. Having designed projects such as the Ricard carafe and the Montpellier tramway, and elected designers of the year in 1991, Garouste and Bonetti parted ways in 2001 – and Garouste proves at the Avant Scène that she has officially entered her own creative space.

Taking a renewed interest in forgotten materials such as iron and bronze, Garouste's designs are far from static, as studies in dynamism, just like the artist herself.

November 13 through December 29, 2007
4, place de l'Odéon
75006 Paris
T: +33 (0)1 46 33 12 40