Peter Carl Faberge
Born: 1846 (St. Petersburg)
Died: 1920

Faberge's opulent eggs hark back to the grand days of Imperial Russia. When Tsar Alexander III presented Tsarina Maria with the first Faberge egg back in1884, the universal love affair with Peter Carl Faberge's magnificent objets d'art began.
Each exquisitely enameled gold shell, a noble mix inspired by historical works of art from the Italian Renaissance and 18th century France, holds stories of Russia's rich époque, as well as a unique bauble. Faberge's fame spread when the eggs were shown in Paris in 1900, garnering royal patronage from Britain, Bulgaria and Siam. However, the October Revolution of 1917 brought about the company's closure two years later, prompting Faberge's emigration to Switzerland in 1920, where he died soon after. Many of the prized eggs returned to Russia due to the acquisition of the collection by Russian entrepreneur Dr. Viktor F. Vekselberg, while some remain in international galleries. This is a unique opportunity to witness an awesome collection.