November 30, 2012−March 30, 2013
Queen Sofía Spanish Institute, New York
684 Park Ave, New York
+1 212-628-0420

This exhibition - conceived by and curated with Oscar de la Renta – analyses the work of celebrated Spanish artist and designer Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo (1871–1949) in the context of the family of artists from which he descended. Fortuny was born into an artistic dynasty in Spain, and the work of his forefathers had a profound impact on him. Fortuny himself declared, “I have always had many interests, but I have always considered painting to be my profession.”

Born in Granada, and raised in Paris, Fortuny spent his adult life in Venice, where his
prodigious output was the result of a career that spanned over fifty years. Trained as a
painter, Fortuny was well regarded as an artist in a diverse array of genres and media, but
it was through his clothing and textile designs that his exceptional artistic sensibilities
reached their zenith, as well as a large international audience. These creations were an
extension of Fortuny’s deeply personal artistic interests and existed outside of fashion’s
seasonal collections and ever-evolving silhouettes, yet they were nonetheless coveted by
the fashionable elite.

Fortuny y Madrazo: An Artistic Legacy brings together a stunning array of Fortuny’s
work, from the luxurious textile and clothing designs for which he is world renowned to
paintings, lithographs, and photographs. Artwork by Mariano Fortuny y Marsal, as well
as paintings by members of the Madrazo family, demonstrates the strong influence of
Fortuny’s predecessors, who imbued him with a unique historical perspective and a deep appreciation for their artistic legacy. Sumptuous fabrics designed by Fortuny, and still
produced today, provide a spectacular backdrop to the show.