A tormented talent, Francis Bacon dramatically
portrays human vulnerability, particularly in
terms of the body, as subjects are contorted
and faces obscured, reconfigured into nightmarish
expressions. Movement was a frequent
inspiration, as various studies of athletes
and sportsmen illustrate, again, focusing
on the body's movement. Bacon's studies of
the human form in motion is the main theme
of this exhibition, which comprises over 60
of the artist's works from 1945-1991.
Inspired by Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Degas,
Van Gogh and Velàzquez, the eminent Anglo-
Irish artist reproduced and reinterpreted
famous images, such as his early 1950s
Screaming Pope, inspired by Velàzquez' portrait
of Pope Innocent X. Bacon's work is not
only an intrinsic contribution to the history of
20th-century art, but a deep, sometimes disturbing
but always fascinating insight into the
human psyche.

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Francis Bacon: The Violence of the Real
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