The talented, prescient art dealer Ambroise Vollard
(1866-1939) marked the art world of his age,
and has left a legacy that is well worth a major
exhibition in our own. A champion of the late 19th
century's excluded, unknown or budding artists –
and a personal friend to more than one – Vollard
is the figure behind early shows of works
by Cézanne and Derain, and the man who brought
others, such as Degas and Renoir, to greater
heights through monographs he wrote on them,
as well as showing their works. Vollard tirelessly
furthered the cause of such greats when their
reputation was as yet shaky and their works
shocking to the art establishment. Along with this
crucial activity, he also had an advisor's role in the
evolution of their productions, urging, for example,
Maillol and Renoir to try their hand at sculpture.
A monumental background figure
for a monumental set of masterpieces.

June 19 through September 16, 2007
62, rue de Lille
75007 Paris
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