Milan, Fondazione Stelline

In February 1909, the Parisian newspaper Le Figaro published the Manifesto of Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, marking the founding of the Italian art movement Futurism. From his home in Milan at Via Senato 2 (the movement’s first official headquarters), Marinetti defined the parameters of this artistic-literary phenomenon that expressed the evolving politics, manners, morals and scientific progress of the modern age.

The exhibition, curated by Luigi Sansone, includes numerous portraits of Marinetti, 30 parolibere panels, the largest parolibere panel on loan from UCLA and never before exhibited, masterworks from Marinetti’s private collection and that of the City of Milan, Marinetti’s numerous publications, and documentary ephemera. A larger centenary celebration will take place throughout the City of Milan that includes a rich program of plays, films, dance and fashion exhibitions to mark the city in the year of 2009, and for posterity, as the capital of Futurism.

February 12 through June 7, 2009
Corso Magenta, 61
20123 Milan
T. +39 02 45462 411