Galerie Daniel Templon, Paris
January 11 – February 26, 2014
30 rue Beaubourg & Impasse Beaubourg, 75003 Paris
+33 1 42 72 14 10

This exhibition of new work by Gérard Garouste journeys into the world of myths and fables, a voyage the artist uses to evoke universal questions such as our relationship to time, other people and knowledge. Consisting of paintings, gouaches and sculptures, each is given a dreamlike structure, their underlying logic rooted in unpredictable currents that create an effect of ambiguity, which provides the exhibition with its main theme.

These “subliminal images” contain a panoply of references, from Tintin and Snowy in Hergé’s comics to the Talmud, La Fontaine’s fables and Ashkenazi legends, from Don Quixote and Faust to art history, Grunewald, Millet and romantic landscapes. The artist endows the protagonists of his works with the features of his nearest and dearest as well as his own features. He takes on a variety of roles in his numerous self-portraits: the invalid, the biblical hero, a mysterious animal.

Born in 1946, Gérard Garouste lives and works in Normandy and Paris. One of the most popular French artists of his generation, he occupies a unique position in the international art world. During the 1970s, dominated by conceptual forms of expression, he made the daring choice of creating a timeless figurative painting style. Gérard Garouste draws on the old masters and ancient texts for inspiration, an approach that allows him to then re-examine the great myths: the Bible, The Divine Comedy, Gargantua and Don Quixote. According to the French philosopher Michel Onfray, this approach makes him “perhaps the most modern of all.”