Austria, Bank Austria Kunstforum

It has been exactly twenty years since George Braque's paintings were last exhibited in Central Europe, while this exhibition marks his debut in Austria. As an homage to this major trailblazer of the avant garde, the Bank Austria Kunstforum's large-scale retrospective is an opportunity to (re-)discover his extraordinary work.
Around 80 paintings, along with a selection of his most celebrated graphics highlight Braque's influence within European modernism, while illustrating the unique quality of his adventure in painting : Braque in the circle of the Fauves ; Braque the methodical ; Braque the inventor of papier collé ; Braque the master of modern still-life and Braque the " lyrical constructor ". A core section of the exhibition is also devoted to the groundbreaking invention of cubism and the artistic collaboration between the painter and Pablo Picasso. This show traces how Braque's work manifests a vein of consolidation and a classical impression asserting itself during the 1920s and the 1930s. The retrospective emphasizes the impressive career of this artist and reveals his considerable influence on twentieth century art.

November 14 2008 through March 1, 2009
Kunstforum Freyung 8
Tel +43 1 537 33 26