Cologne, Museum Ludwig

This exhibition takes a very selective approach to the brilliant Gerhard Richter's work, focusing solely on the abstract paintings that the German artist has produced since the mid-1970s. The paintings are characterized by their complex layering, whereby the paint structures are applied with brushes, squeegees and palette knives that are drawn across the wet layers of paint. New layers are superimposed onto existing ones, and sometimes even obliterate them, lending a very specific intensity. The paint seems to have been scraped spontaneously across the surface; consequently the paintings seem vibrant and dynamic. This area of his work contrasts dramatically with his photo-based, blurred paintings that are controlled and representative.

Featured in the show are some 40 paintings. It begins with ones such as "Courbet" (1986) and "Blau" (1988) that are charged with a strong use of color. Also included are the series "Bach" (1992) and the 12 "Wald" (2005) paintings that are being shown for the first time.

October 18, 2008, through February 1, 2009
50667 Köln