There is a classic image that often crops up
in fashion photography. It is of a girl on a beach.
Leggy and often blonde, her hair swinging behind
her, she jubilantly romps along the sand. Many
photographers have done it; not many
have done it well.
Gilles Bensimon is one man who has done
it – and very, very well. The creative director of Elle
International, highlight of this year's Cannes Photo
Mode and 30-year veteran of that "place called
fabulous" (Truman Capote), he is the man who
gave us an image for the eighties – Elle, on a
beach, on all fours, in that bright yellow bikini –
and subsequently created a photographic
language, forever to be emulated. His raison
d'être? Beauty without the additives. From Cindy
to Naomi to Christy to Gisele, the girl is at the
forefront of his images, not the clothes. A simple
idea, but a lasting legacy.

June 17 through August 15, 2007
Place Franklin Roosevelt; 5 rue François Einesy
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